Belting Types

Cog-Belt is the ideal choice for many applications and it has many advantages. It is cut, chemical, oil, water and abrasion resistant. With non-porous, one-piece elastomer construction, Cog-belting has the ability to reduce overall build-up of foreign materials collecting on its surfaces. Even under demanding food applications our hygienic food approved belting will not fray or delaminate. Cog-Belt is an excellent choice for food safety in processing with its FDA/USDA/3-A* approvals. Cog-Belt is recommended for many applications from the beginning of production to packaging. Cog-Belt can be homogenously welded using many different cleat, v-guide and sidewall combinations. Cog-Veyor’s positive drive system means our belts track with minimal tensioning reducing the ware and tear on all components, saving you money and downtime.
• All Cog-Belts are made from polyester or urethane material, various thicknesses available.
• Production belts are cut from in-stock 72” wide rolls.
• Tough and durable belt, suitable for many applications.
• Hygienic, non-porous surfaces.

Different durometers available – please enquire
*All approvals may not apply to some belting material