With options available from our extruded profiles line, including a combined sidewall and V-guide extrusion, manufacturing the perfect Cog-Belt specific to your application and exact specifications make Cog-Belt the perfect choice. Custom cleats/flights are made from the same base material as our belt and can be applied by using welding rod or hi-frequency machine weld, depending on material.

Our sidewall comes either 40mm or 80mm in height to keep your product on the belt, saving you product loss and money. V-guides are used for better tracking but are not always necessary. We stock a combined one piece sidewall v-guide combination that can be used where necessary.

Sidewall Benefits:
• Helps to reduce product loss and contain product.
• Available in polyester or urethane material.
• Natural and Blue in 40mm and 80mm stocked.
• Unique molded radius design at base, eliminates 90 degree angles, greatly reducing cleaning time and areas for contaminants to gather.