Cog-Veyor’s positive drive works because of our ingenuity and sprocket design. We carry both Solid and Split sprockets with different bore styles to give our customers greater flexibility. Our split sprockets can be modified very easily by using our creative inserts to be either hex, round or square style. Our Idlers are made of the same great material as our Sprockets and match the style that you would choose. Due to the fact that our system can be run in either direction on your conveyor bed, our sprockets can be mounted either on the bottom or the top side of the drive.
• Unique to Cog-Veyor, sprockets are matched to
 drive lugs on the belt bottom, which ensures
 positive drive, and superior carrying capacity.
• Available in solid and split versions, with either 
Hex, Round, Square shaft bores and c/w inserts 
for the split sprockets.